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Spice your turkey burgers up with some mango chutney

Via The Sheridan Press


Sweet, spicy, fruity and jammy, mango chutney is a powerhouse ingredient common in Indian cuisine that can liven up even the most mild-mannered of dishes.

We first tried packing some chutney into our Classic Turkey Burgers by mixing it with the ground turkey, but the chutney’s high sugar content caused the patties to burn. Simply moving the chutney from inside the burger to on top of it solved the problem.

To complement the chutney we added some garam masala to the ground turkey, as well as a pinch of cayenne for a little fire. Stirring a little melted butter into the turkey mixture prevented the meat from drying out during cooking, and some Worcestershire added extra meaty flavor.

A little mayonnaise generally goes a long way on a burger, but we opted for creamy Greek yogurt instead, which nicely complemented the other components. We piled on some crunchy red onion for its savory allium flavor and sprigs of cilantro for a final fresh note. Be sure to use 93% lean ground turkey, not 99% fat-free ground turkey breast, or the burgers will be tough.

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