Naturalization ceremony welcomes 13 new Americans

By Kiley Carroll
The Sheridan Press


SHERIDAN — The 4th Judicial District courtroom was standing-room only Thursday, filled with politicians, public officers, community members and proud family members. This wasn’t a typical day in court. As Danielle Law sang the national anthem to 13 new naturalized citizens, it was the first time they held their hand over their heart as an American.

America was built as a society ruled by the law and represented by the citizens. A society that’s foundation is created by opportunity and morals sewn together by American’s forefathers. At the naturalization ceremony Thursday, Judge John Fenn showed he hasn’t forgotten what this means.

“I’m sitting up here today because of what my great, great grandparents did so their great grandson could be a judge,” Fenn said to the courtroom.

“It brings me to tears to think about the hardships they endured to get my family and I here; I look at these individuals and I see my great, great grandparents, so I thank you for your choices, your hard work and your endurance.”

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