Realistic jousters wow crowd, teach skills

By Kiley Carrol
The Sheridan Press


SHERIDAN — The word joust is derived from the old French word, joster, from the Latin derivative “iuxtare,” which translates, “to approach, to meet,” until the word was loaned to middle English around 1300 when jousting wasn’t just a sport, but a livelihood among knights.

Jousting provided knights with practical, hands-on combat simulations that gave men an edge between battles. What was once intended as strict military training slowly evolved into the entertainment that it is today: the mock battle between two honorable men charging full force with lances toward one another, trying to break the opponent’s armor or even unhorse him to replicate the commotion of heavy cavalry clashes during battle.

The third annual Tournament of Knights was hosted by Sheridan’s CHAPS Equine Assisted Therapy and shared the thrill of a jousting tournament set in medieval times when knights once competed for money, land and titles from a well-respected liege.

The Knights of Mayhem returned to Sheridan for the second time to show what it truly means to be a modern day knight. The Knights of Mayhem was founded by Charlie Andrews, a 13-time World Champion heavy armor jouster and his faithful companion, Jagermeister, a war horse with which he has won 55 tournaments.

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