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Spicy shrimp

By Doug Sanders
The Sheridan Press


Congratulations on surviving July in Sheridan! 

I find myself starting to get tired of burgers and other grilled main fare around this time of the summer — as hard as that is to believe. I still like putting my grill to work and completing 95% of all cooking activities on it. You can bet your bottom dollar I braise things like its going out of style.

Lately, I have been using it like an oven more than a grill. It turns out it works great in this capacity. It usually only takes a few extra minutes cooking time on top of any instructions.

The only real caveat is learning where the limits are for your grill to set it at a consistent temperature. Once you have that down, it’s a cakewalk.

With that in mind, try these zangy spicy shrimp balls we had last week. Something about them is highly addictive though, I must warn you. You can’t just have one.

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