Pocket pets

Kids show unconventional 4-H animals

By Kiley Carroll
The Sheridan Press


SHERIDAN — Six children, ages 8 through 14 lined up shoulder to shoulder in the Sheridan County Exhibit Hall to showcase their talent, love and deep bond developed with their show animals.

To an untrained eye, it would appear the children are competing in a typical 4-H competition, but none of these kids showcased a conventional piece of livestock.

This is the 2019 Pocket Pet Show, where children can enter any pocket-sized animal that is kept as a household pet. There are not any rules of what a child can bring to the competition.

Guinea pigs, hedgehogs and even a rat were showcased on Tuesday during a variety of competitions that included best costume, showmanship, best trick, wildest pet and more.

“Pocket pets are more for the younger kids who don’t have space for the big, wide stock or any livestock in general,” Melissa Petzold, a 4-H mom from the Renegades group said. “It’s good to start them with a small animal so they learn to water, feed, clean cages, I guess just the essence of teaching them basic tricks and what it means to have an animal with manners.”

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