Main Street reconfiguration test

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SHERIDAN — Sheridan’s city staff plan shut down Main Street for a lane reduction test, city of Sheridan engineer Hanns Mercer told Sheridan City Council Monday.

The test reduces the lanes on a stretch of Main Street between Dow Street and Works Street to one lane in each direction with a dedicated left-turn lane in the center of the road.

The test — which runs from Aug. 12 to Sept. 7 — aims to gauge how a lane reduction would impact the city’s traffic flows ahead of drafting potential changes to the downtown that could take place alongside a Wyoming Department of Transportation resurfacing project scheduled for 2023.

Because WYDOT will have to tear up the road as part of routine maintenance in 2023, the city has explored whether it could use the opportunity to renovate the street.

Many of the renovations the city has explored would focus on “place making,” or creating amenities that would make downtown more of an overall, rather than a shopping, destination.

The city hired Community Builders — an urban planning consulting firm — to draft potential improvements the city could make downtown. The renovations Community Builders drafted focused on creating spaces that would encourage people to spend more time downtown, whether they were shopping or not.

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