Back to school

Sheridan County school districts 1, 2 and 3

By Carrie Haderlie
The Sheridan Press


SHERIDAN — Students across Sheridan County are returning to school this week. It can be easy to feel stressed about a new school year, with schedule changes, new people and expectations brought on by the back-to-school season.

Students who are stressed before school begins are encouraged to visit their school early, bringing their parents along, Sheridan County School District 2 Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Assessment Mitch Craft said.

“They can meet teachers, find classrooms, practice with lockers, and get familiar with the school in general,” Craft said. “All of our schools are open, and will most certainly welcome families and students who wish to visit.”

Once school starts, the best way to proactively manage stress is to stay caught up on school work.

“Falling behind can be incredibly stressful, so setting aside time each evening for homework can really help eliminate the stress of falling behind,” Craft said.

Melissa Condos, a teacher at Coffeen Elementary School, said proper rest is huge.

“Try to get back into a routine where kids are getting enough sleep and eating healthy meals, especially breakfast,” she said.

Ashley Cooper, who teaches at Sheridan High School, said students shouldn’t stress about what others might think.

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