Second year of WY-TOPP results released

Sheridan County

Daniel McArdle
The Sheridan Press


SHERIDAN — The Wyoming Test of Proficiency and Progress results for the 2018-2019 school year were released Wednesday, and all three Sheridan County school districts saw improvement from last year’s results.

This is the second year of the end-of-year summative assessment, which replaced the previous Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students exams.

American Collegiate Testing results for 11th grade students were also released Wednesday.

All Wyoming students grades three through 10 take WY-TOPP exams in mathematics and English language arts. Students in fourth, eighth and 10th grades are assessed in science while third, fifth, seventh and ninth grade have a writing assessment.

“We’re happy to celebrate our results,” said Mitch Craft, assistant superintendent for curriculum and assessment at Sheridan County School District 2. “We look at how we as a district performed in every test at every level. In aggregate… our district is the top performing district in the state.”

In a press conference, state administrators discussed the advantages of WY-TOPP over PAWS.

“Students are comfortable with the online format of WY-TOPP and teachers have meaningful results almost immediately,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow in a press release. “Besides providing a much better measure of student performance, WY-TOPP has allowed us to spend less money on statewide assessments — and take up less classroom time for testing.”

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