Group helps students back to school


By Kiley Carroll
The Sheridan Press


SHERIDAN — The annual shopping spree for back-to-school supplies can be a celebration of a new year for families. But for others, making sure their child is equipped for a new year can be a burden. Sometimes a new pair of shoes is a trade off for a warm meal on the table.

The local neighborhood group, Sheridan Neighbors Helping Neighbors, has been trying to aid parents in the community who feel the additional pressures of preparing children for the next nine months in a classroom.

The group has gathered 50 backpacks with tools for the classroom that cost between $60 to $80 for elementary and middle school students and $200 for high school students, said Penny Goodman, the creator of Sheridan Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

The backpacks are for students from kindergarten to seniors in high school. The bags themselves were purchased by an anonymous donor in the group and all of the supplies have been donated or purchased with donated funds.

“It’s everything they need for a second-grader at Coffeen and a high-schooler in life skills class,” Goodman said. “Everything will be put in the backpack that child is required to have for that particular teacher in that particular class.”

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