NWCCD begins baccalaureate process

Four-year college degrees are coming to northern Wyoming

By Darci Petersen
The Sheridan Press


SHERIDAN — In fall 2021, students of the Northern Wyoming Community College District may have the option to enroll in a four-year degree program.

Recently, the Wyoming Community College Commission unanimously agreed to grant the approval needed for NWCCD to develop a four-year degree.

Wyoming remains the last state in the nation to have only one institution offer baccalaureate degrees. That title will dissolve as the state broadens its post-secondary availability and makes higher education options more accessible to a greater number of Wyomingites.

Chad Baldwin, the director of Institutional Communications at the University of Wyoming, shared that the university supports NWCCD’s growth and believes more higher education opportunities should be developed across the state.

The university has also offered to serve as a resource to NWCCD as they develop the four-year degree programs.

Baldwin described the assistance as a “broad-based offer that could include all scenarios” in terms of the level of involvement that the university may have in helping NWCCD.

NWCCD President Walt Tribley calls the University of Wyoming’s extension to assist in the crafting of the program a “sincere and gracious offer.”

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