Ag industry: More than crops and cows

Destination Sheridan

When you think of the agriculture industry, what comes to mind? A farmer sitting on a tractor working in a field or a rancher feeding livestock? The steak, potatoes and corn on your plate during your evening meal? Or, maybe a wool sweater you wear when the weather turns from summer to autumn?

How about programmers? Lawyers? Lipstick?

As random and disconnected as these topics may seem, they all fall under the umbrella of agriculture, an industry constantly changing as new technologies become available.

Educators in Sheridan County are tasked with promoting the industry to the county’s youth and preparing them for integration into all areas of life.

“I think it is huge that everyone really understands that agriculture is changing, and we need to provide for those jobs,” said Monica Fowlkes, FFA advisor for Clear Creek FFA chapter at Arvada-Clearmont High School.

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