Passing the baton

White Ranch heads toward next-gen ownership

Two-year-old Lela asks her mother, “Who built our house?”

The toddler has favorite places on the ranch and can name every horse and dog that trots around in the mud. She races down the road in dinosaur pajama bottoms, unconcerned with the chill in the air or the mud caked to her pink and purple sneakers.

Beth White considers her family ranch a gift — an opportunity to make a living and share knowledge with her daughter — not a collection of acres to generate cash. After taking over White Ranch from her father, Bill White, she said she seeks to preserve the land and their way of life with the time she is given.

“I think people that don’t see that it can be a good life, or if their parents didn’t enjoy it — it makes it look like a pretty miserable life,” Beth said. “I was lucky to have the example of someone who enjoyed it.”

Beth is grateful for the opportunity to make a living as a rancher and, despite the daily challenges, for having a little easier of a time than previous generations in the family bloodline.

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