Early season Bighorn National Forest recreation tips

By Sara Evans Kirol US Forest Service

With a fair amount of snow still on the mountain and other places still needing to dry out, getting outdoors this time of year can be a little tricky. The Bighorn National Forest offers visitors amazing recreational opportunities year-round but there are some extra factors to consider.


Roads and trails are vulnerable to damage when used while wet and muddy. Some of the damage can lead to expensive repairs or even closures. A good rule to follow is if you’re leaving ruts or deep footprints, it’s time to stop and come again later once it is dry.

Even though summer officially starts June 20, we can still get winter-like conditions in the Bighorns. It is not uncommon for snow or low temperatures to occur anytime throughout the summer. Hypothermia is a medical condition that can happen to anyone if their body temperature is lowered too much. Even with warmer air temperatures, if a person cannot stay dry, they are susceptible to hypothermia. Remember to bring lots of extra clothing and appropriate outdoor gear to keep yourself comfortable.

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