Laying some groundwork

Legislature doesn't pass 'Learn While You Earn', still makes progress


SHERIDAN — The Wyoming Legislature laid the foundation for the proposed “Learn While You Earn” program this session, but was unable to get the program itself off the ground.

But with a companion bill passed, it is only a matter of time before “Learn While You Earn” is reconsidered by the Legislature, according to bill sponsor Sen. Dave Kinskey, R-Sheridan.

“I want to run it again, and we probably will run it again, sooner than later,” Kinskey said. “It is important for our future, and it is important for our students.”

Senate File 127, would have created — and allocated $1 million toward — the Wyoming Learn While You Earn program, a new partnership between businesses, high schools and colleges allowing students to earn wages and education credits while working with local employers. The internships would be overseen by a college or high school instructor and would include a curriculum and clear student expectations, Kinskey said.

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