North Tongue River access needs bathroom facilities, but maintenance, funding an issue


DAYTON — North Tongue River fishing in the Bighorn National Forest has continuously increased over the years, and several groups intend to better preserve the area around the popular fishery moving forward.

North Tongue River fishing access points off of Highway 14 remain easily accessible to anglers of all ages and abilities. With increased usage over the years, the land around the river has slowly deteriorated due to human waste and trash. U. S. Forest Service staff, in coordination with Wyoming Game and Fish Department staff, would like to find assistance in funding porta-potties to be staged along the North Tongue at key parking spots during the summer months to reduce human waste impacts, according to the BNF Partnership Opportunities Guide.

“There’s a high amount of users — fishermen, recreationists — there’s a lot of people coming there, and there’s no facilities there,” U.S. Forest Service project contact Matt Enger said. “One of the things that’s been documented by us or DEQ or anyone who goes out there is just the amount of waste, human waste or garbage. It’s kind of building up out there, so one of the first things we want to do out there is a cleanup.”

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